Plastic Champagne Flutes

Flutes (or tulip glasses) are the most commonly used glasses for drinking sparkling wines, such as Champagne. A flute glass is very elegant: a tall, narrow bowl on a long stem, the shape resembling of the beautiful spring flower indeed.

The stem enables the drinkers to enjoy Champagne without affecting the perfect temperature of the drink, and the narrow bowl preserves the carbonation in the sparkling drink. The reduced surface area at the opening of the straight-sided flute prevents bubbles from attaching to the flute sides and breaking.

Besides Champagne, flutes would be an ideal choice of glassware for serving certain types of beers, as their tart flavor and carbonation make them similar to sparkling white wines. As beer is also a popular drink people often enjoy at parties, such flutes can be used for high quality beer as well.

Smaller diameter of flutes doesn’t only allow you to enjoy the taste of the sparkling drink to the fullest, but also encourages sharing the experience with more people, as the tulip glasses are so tall and narrow that more flutes can be carried on a tray at a time.

Champagne is widely regarded a perfect drink to celebrate any special occasion, such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, christenings, as well as some corporate functions and many more important events and holidays. If you expect many guests to come and share some special event with you, you probably worry about the glassware: which glasses to choose, whether there will be enough champagne flutes for everyone and how many of them would eventually get broken.

In order to free yourself from unnecessary worries, try disposable plastic champagne flutes at your next special event. We know how important it is to be up to standards when it comes to special occasions. Feel certain, plastic champagne flutes go perfectly well with both formal and non-formal tableware and won’t take away the classy and unique look to your party or event. The plastic does not interfere with the taste of the drink. Plastic champagne flutes are not only cost effective, but also almost as elegant as regular crystal glasses.

Then, the thick plastic of the flutes saves you from the hassle of real glass stemware and breakage worries. Besides, in case you are having a big event you can buy plastic flutes at wholesale prices, which means the glassware doesn’t have to cost you much twice – before and after the party.

In other words, the undeniable advantages of plastic champagne flutes are not limited to their durability and high quality, elegance and classy appearance. Plastic champagne flutes allow you to successfully cater and enjoy the party with everyone else at the same time.

Plastic champagne flutes come in clear, red, pink or blue colors and 5 oz., 6 oz., 7 oz. capacity. They are a great choice for parties, New Years, weddings or any similar large event. Sometimes, plastic Champagne flutes are the only logical choice, for example, if you are having a beach party or a picnic at the sea-side or on a river-bank.

Remember that excellent Champagne will taste as great no matter whether it is poured in crystal or plastic flutes. Basically, you won’t feel the difference between good plastic and glass. It is mostly the occasion that matters. Fill the champagne flute half full and wait for the bubbles to subside. Then fill the remaining flute until it is about three quarters full. Now enjoy it and have fun leaving the worries about the broken flutes and cleaning up the mess behind.