Wine Fridges

Wine fridges, wine cabinets, and other wine cooling equipment designed for proper wine storage have enjoyed an increase in popularity over the past decade. It used to be a specialized niche market, but now it is already a mainstream, with a range of companies offering basic models of wine fridges as well as specially designed deluxe wine fridges.

You should be aware of the fact that wine changes its nature as time goes by, and it is important to store the wine in conditions which are favorable to its maturing, however they shouldn’t be speeding up the process. For instance, storing wine in high temperatures may lead to faster maturing and reduced complexity levels, which in its turn will inevitably affect the wine’s taste.

Plastic Champagne Flutes

Flutes (or tulip glasses) are the most commonly used glasses for drinking sparkling wines, such as Champagne. A flute glass is very elegant: a tall, narrow bowl on a long stem, the shape resembling of the beautiful spring flower indeed.

The stem enables the drinkers to enjoy Champagne without affecting the perfect temperature of the drink, and the narrow bowl preserves the carbonation in the sparkling drink. The reduced surface area at the opening of the straight-sided flute prevents bubbles from attaching to the flute sides and breaking.