Positive Sides of Wine Consumption

You are sure to have heard about a number of scientific studies and a still growing body of scientific research held in a number of countries, which claim that a moderate wine consumption can be healthy and even recommended in some cases. One or two glasses of red wine a day have been reported to be beneficial for one’s health. The followers of “Mediterranean diet”, which includes regular intake of red wine, tend to have lower rates of heart disease, even though the intake of saturated fats can be rather high.

Negative Sides of Wine Consumption

Besides a list of possible wine consumption benefits for your health, there is a list of possible downsides to wine drinking. The first and foremost harmful effect is apparently associated with abusing wine. Like all alcoholic drinks, wine should be consumed moderately. Excessive wine drinking is addictive and therefore can destroy one’s health. Regular excessive wine drinking provokes certain changes in the brain, physical and mental health impairment, and a person risks developing alcoholism.